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16 June 2011
Jihadi hit list identifies alleged American asset in Iraq

In post 142 of the hit list discussion at al-Shmukh forum, an individual described as an "apostate" (i.e. he's Muslim, but working for the Infidels), is identified in order that he may be assassinated. Details about the target include:

• A description of his car
• The approximate time he arrives at base
• Claims that the poster was previously subject of an interrogation which the target participated in
• Suggests the target is a CIA asset (unclear to me, based on machine translation)
• Seems to say that the target became a US citizen, and then came back to Iraq as a contractor
• Recommends a nearby gas station for the mujahideen to wait and watch for the target

Details such as this - assuming they can be corroborated - are the kind of thing that makes this discussion, and our continued tolerance of it, such a problem. User ID 13109 is responsible for posting this information. It is his 26th contribution to a forum discussion, so he's not entirely new.

Posted on 16 June 2011 @ 23:42

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