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04 June 2011
Top Arabic Jihadi forums, 05 June 2011

Note: PWP stands for PassWord-Protected, meaning that a login is required to view - let alone participate in - discussions. Since some in the audience don't understand the significance of this, allow me to spell it out: if only members can read the forum, then anyone observed reading the forum is a member. They have zero deniability (they couldn't have accidentally "wandered into" the site), and they had to make the effort to join (an expression of intent).

While the goal here is to present a range of sites, the fact is that the jihadis themselves have largely coalesced at Shmukh and Ansar Arabic. Majahden lost readers and activists when it shut down to focus on standing up the Jahad forum, the Jahad forum, while it survives, isn't able to gain much traction against Shmukh and Ansar, Luyoth was already experiencing a decline in activity before going PWP (which doesn't help matters any), S'nam is surviving (which in this field is about the best that can be expected), Jahafal remains in the list because of its links to al-Qaida in the Maghreb, and al-Qimmah for its links to al-Shabaab. At-Tahadi forum declared its "independence" amidst denunciations originating mostly at al-Shmukh, and remains in the list.

01. Shmukh [PWP]

https://www.shamikh1.info/vb, http://www.shamikh1.info/vb,,,,

02. Ansar al-Mujahideen Arabic Forum


03. Majahden

http://www.majahdenar.com/,http://www.majahden2.org/, http://www.majahden.com/vb, http://www.majahden.info/,

4. Jahad


05. Luyoth [PWP]


06. S'nam


07. Jahafal


08. Qimmah


XX. Tahadi

URL: http://www.atahadi.com/vb/
NOTE: Site is unavailable at time of report prep.

Posted on 04 June 2011 @ 21:40

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