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14 February 2011
Top Ten Jihadi Forums, as of 14 February, 2011

This list has been replaced. The new list is here...


Assembled with the help of my dear brothers in Fateh al-Islam (and their minders in the Syrian intelligence service). The [PWP] notation indicates the site is password protected. There's nothing worse than the mournful wailing of analysts, graduate students, and reporters who find themselves locked out of their favorite forum. Join early, join often, save important discussions as you find them, try not to say anything too embarrassing, and if you're a civilian, make some effort to let your friendly neighborhood secret police know that you're a good guy, not a bad guy, so they don't have to waste time and money investigating you. Forums are not just websites, they are battlefields, and spectators are not particularly welcome by any of the combatants.

01. Shmukh [PWP]


02. Ansar al-Mujahideen Arabic Forum


03. Majahden


04. Tahadi [PWP]

URL: http://www.atahadi.com/vb/

05. Luyoth [PWP]

URLs: http://leyoth.ws/vb,

06. Tawhed [wal Jihad]

URL: http://www.tw7eed.com/vb/

07. Jahafal

URL: http://al-jahafal.com/vb/

08. Amanh

URL: http://www.al-amanh.net/vb/

09. Qimmah

URL: http://alqimmah.net/

10. Jahad

URLs: aljahad.info/.net/.com (Note: alnusra.com redirects to aljahad.*, and that the Majahden forum operators provide DNS for alnusra.com)

Posted on 14 February 2011 @ 15:41

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