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06 July 2010
Top Ten List 2010-07-06

The temporal context in which this list was generated is important, and will likely be forgotten over time. So for future reference, see the posts at Internet Haganah which immediately preceded the making of this list.

06 July 2010
04 July 2010
02 July 2010
30 June 2010
28 June 2010
15 June 2010

1. Faloja (e.g. www.alfaloja.net)

Being number 1 comes at a high price - just ask the guys in Gaza who operate the al-Faloja forum.

2. Qimmah (alqimmah.net)

I think it increasingly important to attend to the regional franchises of al-Qaida. Here you'll find the Somali branch, and content in Somali, Arabic, and English.

3. Shmukh (e.g. shamikh1.net)

As with Faloja, this site, when it is available at all, promises to resume operations in "two days". Then it disappears again: IBM. When it is online and functional, it's one of the better forums, and is the successor to a site that was significance a generation ago (roughly 2005-2007).

4. Leyoth (

Another Arabic forum, that like Shmukh offers up unique content in addition to the common, boilerplate stuff that all the jihadi sites have. They lost their domain name awhile back and haven't bothered to replace it.

5. Ansar (ar) (e.g.www.as-ansar.com)

What can you say about these guys? They get an "A" for persevering long after they should have fled their homes and volunteered to be suicide bombers, for which we are all grateful. The name "as-Ansar" displays an unfortunate but unsurprising lack of knowledge of Arabic. It should be al-Ansar - perhaps all the "al-Ansar" names were taken...

6. Tahadi (e.g. www.atahadi.com)

First came to my attention when the presumed admin of the site joined the Ansar (ar) forum using the email address of atahadi@atahadi.com. He's user ID number 7 there, suggesting overlap on the management team of the two forums. For the curious, the name 'at-Tahadi' is linguistically correct, as is 'as-Sahab', and as opposed to 'as-Ansar', which is totally wrong.

7. Twhed (e.g. www.twhed.net)

A plucky newcomer to our Top Ten list, this site representing the Tawhed wal Jihad movement has made a good-faith effort to turn the current troubles faced by more prominent forums to its advantage - for only the best of reasons of course.

8. Majahden (e.g. www.majahden.com)

Started by what I'm guessing is an ethnic Palestinian kid living in Saudi Arabia, who fancies himself a l33t haX0r. He probably set this site up for not much more reason than because he could. Along the way he'll discover that this can become a way of life and/or a cause of death. Best of luck, Naif.

9. Jahafal (e.g. al-jahafal.com)

Representative of the North African branch of al-Qaida, I've had an active interest in this site since at least January of 2010, when it came to my attention that a leading member of the community is a regular reader of the Internet-Haganah site. Moth, meet flame.

10. Ansar (en) (e.g. www.ansar1.info)

This site has a pedigree worthy of a Charles McCarry novel. Suffice it to say it began life as the al-Thabaat forum. Populated by highly-radicalized Western converts to Islam and 2nd and 3rd generation "immigrant youths", this site has gone to great lengths to try and protect it's members from themselves. Not that they have been successful, but try they have.

Posted on 06 July 2010 @ 15:17

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