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05 July 2010
Top Ten locations of al-Faloja forum readers

[Cross-posted at sofir.org]

Given that the adminstrators of the al-Faloja forum are already convinced that they have been somehow infiltrated or compromised, there seems little harm done in providing a glimpse of the current geographic distribution of the non-proxy using readers of the site. This data is based on the analysis of a reasonably large number of IP addresses of Faloja readers during the period immediately prior to the abortive release of al-Malahem/AQAP's "Inspire" magazine. This data is based on direct observation, and has not been manipulated beyond the identification and removal of the IP addresses of proxy servers.

Ten countries or territories account for 70% of the site's non-proxy using readers.

Country/Territory % of Readers Subtotals
Palestinian Territories 20.00%  
Egypt 13.60%  
Morocco 12.90% 46.40%
Germany 4.30%  
Britain 3.60%  
Israel 3.60%  
Jordan 3.60% 61.40%
Algeria 2.90%  
Kuwait 2.90%  
Sweden 2.90% 70.30%

Posted on 05 July 2010 @ 17:39

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