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30 June 2010
Don't open that file, Memet!

With much fanfare, al-Malahim, the media arm of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, announced the imminent release of — and then subsequently did release — what they claimed was the first official English-language al-Qaida magazine. It's called "Inspire" as in "Inspire the Believers" (as opposed to the Quranic edict to Incite the Believers. They did this with the full cooperation of the administrators of the al-Faloja forum in particular.

Interestingly, the first couple of pages of the document appear perfectly normal. Then things get weird...

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4 (the remaining 63 pages look like this)

At al-Faloja forum, the admins hit the Panic Button™, fearing the worst:

Click to view archive of warning

There are a couple of possible explanations:

1. al-Malahim has been compromised, and the file is indeed poison.

1.1 al-Malahim has been compromised, and the file was deliberately munged by person or persons unknown. [added 01 July 2010]

2. The lads at al-Malahim munged the text of their document in the course of preparing it for distribution, and were too lazy to check the file before posting links to it.

I suspect scenario number 2 is actually what happened, but it's nice to see the jihadis are so quick to assume the worst. If there is an actual Inspire magazine, a readable version will be released by and by. And in the meantime, imagine all the emails being exchanged between Yemen and Gaza and Pakistan as they try and sort this all out... And speaking of Gaza, the guys at al-Faloja appear to be totally freaked out by the event. See, for example:


And just when they thought a bad situation could not get worse, the great minds at the helm of al-Faloja crashed their database:

Somebody needs to step away from the keyboard, ASAP

UPDATE: Prayers are requested for the operators of the Faloja forum :-)

Via the al-Qimmah forum of al-Qaida's Somali branch (one of the few extant forums at the moment), we get an update of sorts regarding the state of the al-Faloja forum and continued warnings regarding the Inspire magazine:

Archive of al-Qimmah thread

I'm reminded of what a wise man once said: "Just because it's non-kinetic doesn't mean it's not lethal."

If I convince you that your comrade is actaully your enemy, that's non-kinetic.

If based on that conviction you kill your comrade, that's lethal.

UPDATE: At the Ansar al-Mujahideen (Arabic) forum, brother Mohager has documented what he calls "the final moments of the Faloja forum", which has a really nice sound to it, even though Faloja will likely recover from what looks to me like a massive self-inflicted wound.

Archive of thread

Posted on 30 June 2010 @ 16:34

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