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06 April 2010
What's good about there being a genuine American al-Qaida movement?[1]

They write in English and their websites have RSS feeds, that's what. Reduces our overhead, improves our cash flow - thanks guys!

Abu Talha al-Amrikee runs The Mujahid Blog and posts at Revolution Muslim. At the latter link you will find a report that the Somali jihadis have forbidden radio stations from using the word "foreigners"

The second matter is to ban the usage of the word ‘foreigners’ that is used against the Muhajireen in ten days. The radio stations in Mogadishu always air this and we hear from the radio stations in Mogadishu the word ‘foreigners’. The Islamic fighters have foreigners fighting alone side them. They use the word foreigners, we are against this matter. We won’t allow it and no radio station can air this word. We will first give them advice and the second time an order from the administration of Benadir will be applied. No radio station can say ‘foreigners’ are with the Islamic fighter. We have Mujahideen with us who are Muhajireen, who are our brothers. Allah says: ‘Verily the Muslims are brothers.’ Yes, there are some foreigners with some people here, they are those kuffars in K4, Presidential Palace and the Airport those are the foreigners. We have Mujahideen, Muhajireen who are our brothers and our Muslims are here. We have made announcements before inviting them to our country. We are ready for them to fight alone side us. So when they come don't say, "foreigners are here". What is this ‘foreigners’ are here? They are Muhajireen and we don't want anyone to transgress against them.
Got that? Some foreigners really are foreigners, while some foreigners are not to be called foreigners - even though they really are foreigners.

That these folks use blogs speaks to the degree to which such self-appointed "defenders of the Muslim community" are estranged from that community.[2] If ever there was an individualistic/not-community-oriented online communications tool, the blog is it. On the other hand, if you accept that radical political activism has more to do with the activist trying to feel better about themselves than it has with the particular cause they espouse, such individualism is not so surprising.


[1] This movement is real, and seems in many ways to resemble the jihadi scene in Europe - though still smaller in scale. It is similarly composed of a mix of 2nd and 3rd generation children of Muslim immigrants - who suffer from the same identity crises that many descendants of immigrants face - and an odd assortment converts. What is different (from Europe) is that we don't have a community of experienced - if aging - veterans of jihad who came here seeking political asylum. I suspect this difference resulted in an extended gestation period. Role models are important - being the first to do something is hard, and jihadis are inclined towards the deadly sin of Sloth.

[2] Abu Talha's list of enemies and how they should be addressed makes that plain.

Posted on 06 April 2010 @ 17:14

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