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25 December 2009
Merry Christmas, Private Bergdahl

Private Bergdahl - assuming he's still alive - is spending Christmas as a captive of the Taliban.

His captors spent the last day or two uploading a video showing Private Bergdahl reading a statement.

The video was divided into four segments and uploaded to YouTube on 25 December 2009. The YouTube account is:


The YouTube video was embedded on the Taliban's al-Somod site. The site has multiple domain names and can also be found here:

The movie was divided into 6 .rar segments named englishmovie.part1.rar, englishmovie.part2.rar etc.

The movie was also released in multiple sizes, e.g.

English-movie.rmvb 260 MB

English-Movie-Medium.wmv 140 MB

English-movie-low.wmv 70 MB

English-movie3gp.3gp 44 MB

Do you really think they uploaded all those files to all those places via proxy servers?

It is significant that the forum most closely associated with the release of this video was the English-language Ansar al-Mujahideen site, as opposed to any of the Arabic forums. The thread related to the release of the video is here:


Of those ansarnet.info users posting links related to the video, user "haneef" (user id 1898) is the individual most likely associated with those who produced and distributed the video.

user "haneef"

Other users and posts of note at ansarnet.info:

Post 4 is from "Abu-Ahmed" and features the screenshots:


Note that he made the screen shots from a version of the video he downloaded from one of the links provided by "haneef".

Post 5 from "Ansar 007" is a copy of the data as presented at al-Somod:


ansarnet.info user "Binyamine" contributed nothing original or of value here. He struggled to convert the .rmvb file to .flv when the video was already available by .flv on YouTube.

Also noteworthy is how the jihadis have fumbled the handling of what really ought to be a propaganda victory of major proportions. The Arabic forums are at best only dimly aware of the video's release. Christmas comes one time a year, they have an honest-to-goodness Crusader in their clutches, and they're slacking when they ought to be plastering this video all over the Internet. If there's a bright side to this event, that's it.

Posted on 25 December 2009 @ 23:08

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