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26 August 2009
Indonesian bombing suspect a jihad magazine publisher and webmaster

As of today he's in the custody of Detachment 88. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

First the news reports:

Preacher's son arrested:

Mohammad Jibril runs his father's company, Ar-rahmah Media, which publishes religious books and JihadMagz, a glossy 148-page magazine devoted to Islamic fighters and wars across the world. He also set up the militant website, arrahmah.com, which posts news in Bahasa Indonesia and English on the Islamic struggle to preserve and spread their religion.

Indonesia Questions Web Site Owner Over Marriott Bombing Funds
Police arrest terror suspect Jibril
Police nab suspected terror broker
Police confiscate evidence from Abu Jibril's house, office
Ditahan, Status Facebook Jibril Tetap Update
Mohamad Jibril, "mastermind" of the attacks on Jakarta hotels, arrested
‘Prince of Jihad’ arrested in Indonesia: police

Now for the online presence:

Note first that person or persons associated with the either the father or his arrested son are busily trying to destroy evidence linking the son to support for terrorism and connections to foreign (i.e. outside Indonesia) terrorist organizations.

The main site, arrahmah.com, has already been largely sanitized:

Care of Google cache, I offer you his English-language interview with a member of the Pakistani Taliban:

The Exclusive Interview Arrahmah.Com With Pakistani Taliban Mujahedeen, By Prince of Jihad on Jum 14 Agust 2009, 04:55 PM

UPDATE [2009-08-27 12:55 GMT]: also not to be missed is his Exclusive Interview: Ustadz Imam Samudra; The Spirit Of Jihad That Will Never Extinguish!

In case you're not clear on who Samudra was, see this profile by the BBC...

Both father and his arrested son have Facebook accounts:



Junior has 579 friends on Facebook - I can virtually guarantee that there is nourishment in that list of friends.

Update [2009-08-27 16:07 GMT] Someone is editing Mohammed's Facebook account while he is in jail. Also, he has five fewer friends than he had the day before.

Along with keeping your friends close and your enemies closer,
it's also good to know who your enemy's friends are

Mohammed Jibril also has a Twitter account:

http://twitter.com/arrahmah - 82 followers and 1,079 tweets

And then there is his Friendster profile:

Let's take a closer look:

Yep, that's a quote from Abdallah Azzam in Bahasa Indonesia.

Mohammed's magazine JihadMagz had a website until very recently. It has been deleted, but I grabbed this page out of Google cache:


Here's a Google translation of that:

WHY Jihad Magz?

Articles from the magazine can be found at scribd. Search for "jihadmagz".

Here is what the cover of the 3rd issue looked like:

"Always making the world better"

Posted on 26 August 2009 @ 15:03

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