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09 July 2009
Egypt arrests terrorist cell of 25 members

CAIRO, July 9 (Xinhua)

The Egyptian authorities have arrested a terrorist cell of 25 members, 24 Egyptians and one Palestinian, for plotting to carry out terrorist attacks in Suez Canal, Egyptian Interior Ministry said in statement issued on Thursday.

According to the statement, the members of the cell who believe in Jihad (Holy War) were located in Cairo, Alexandria and Daqahlia governorates and communicated through internet with other terrorist groups outside Egypt.

The cell's members, mostly engineers, were developing high-tech and electronic devices like mobile phones to carry out terrorist attacks against vital targets in Egypt such as Suez Canal and oil pipelines, the statement said.

They confessed of plotting to carry out car bombing and that they received money from foreign sources to fund their activities.

The cell is led by an Egyptian man called Ahmed El-Sayyed El-Sharawy, who lives in El-Marg neighborhood in northern Great Cairo.

The police seized some books calling for Jihad, a laser printer used to forge money and a gun used in killing an owner of a jewelry shop in May 2008.

And speaking of just such Egyptians, has anyone seen Layth al-Islam lately?

Posted on 09 July 2009 @ 19:21

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