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06 July 2009
Preliminary list of 98 Hizb ut-Tahrir websites

The list includes a range of sites: active sites, inactive sites, suspended sites, sites that have clearly not been updated in some years, sites of Hizb ut-Tahrir's leadership, sites of various national affiliates, sites of short-term campaigns, sites of front organizations, sites of individual members and/or supporters, not to mention at least one YouTube account, a Facebook account, and a number of Twitter accounts. There are static sites, forums, blogs, and news sites with varying degrees of honesty regarding their connection to Hizb ut-Tahrir.

A detailed report regarding these sites, what can be learned about them, and the networks that operate them, will be forthcoming. Some time soon. Insha'allah...

Meanwhile, if anyone has any sites to add to this list, or any other insights regarding HuT online, I'm right here.

1924.org facebook.com/mediaa khayma.com/alkhilafa/ politische-einheit.com
1ummah1state.com financial-crisis.eu khilafah-fighters.blogspot.com qirim-vilayeti.org
al-aqsa.org freepowerboards.com/seslenis/ khilafah.com ramadhan.org
al-islam.or.id gaza.nu khilafah.com.pk risalet.net.tc
al-nahda.com geocities.com/I_R_D_L khilafah.eu site.mynet.com/akideokulu/akide/
al-nahda.org halifat.net khilafah.dk sreislamic.wordpress.com
al-ummah.org haltlasterenvanislam.nl khilafah.net statsterror.dk
al-waie.org hilafet.com khilafah.org stoppt-den-hass.com
al-wayi.org hilafet.diyari.com khilafahconference2009.com terror-gegen-muslime.com
albadil.edaama.org hizb-australia.org khilafat.org the-caliphate.blogspot.com
alkifah.org hizb-pakistan.org khilafahnubuwwah.wordpress.com turkiye-vilayeti.org
alokab.com hizb-ut-tahrir.com kokludegisim.com turkiyevilayeti.org
alokab.info hizb-ut-tahrir.dk leid-kultur.com twitter.com/aboyousuf
alquds.nl hizb-ut-tahrir.info members.lycos.co.uk/aahw51 twitter.com/halifat
alummah-voice.net hizb-ut-tahrir.org mindspring.eu.com twitter.com/hizbuttahrir
azeytouna.net hizb.org.ua mitglied.lycos.de/comnet/ twitter.com/khaledez
benimblog.com/darulummah hizb.org.uk msuj.org twitter.com/noorudeen
darulummah.blogcu.com hizbut-tahrir.or.id muslimrulers.com vasallen.org
darulummah.sitemynet.com islam-in-poland.org muslimsinkenya.wordpress.com war-on-pakistan.info
devletgeray.googlepages.com islam-projekte.com muslimuzbekistan.com war-on-pakistan.net
dhipolitics.com islamdevleti.org muslumangencler.kk5.org wilayah.wordpress.com
economischecrisis.org islamic-state.org mykhilafah.com www-personal.umich.edu/~luqman/
elfurkan.kk5.org islamicsystem.blogspot.com newcivilisation.com youtube.com/user/andrumeda24
expliciet.nl kalifaat.org oneummah.forumup.dk  
explizit-islam.de kalifat.org pal.tahrir.info  


Posted on 06 July 2009 @ 19:07

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