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12 November 2008
Another cyberspace/meatspace convergence

Rusty Shackelford, PhD., credits Samir Khan with the first report of the arrest of Abu Sayaba, proprietor of the "iskandrani" blog, by the FBI in Boston. This corresponds to the arrest of Tarek Mehanna, age 26, on charges of lying to FBI agents when questioned two years ago about his friend and now-convicted terrorist Daniel Joseph Maldonado. Mehanna was about to leave the USA for Saudi Arabia, which evidently prompted the unsealing of his indictment.

cyberspace meatspace status website(s)
inshallahshaheed Samir Khan unindicted revolution.muslimpad.com
Abu Sayaba Tarek Mehanna indicted iskandrani.wordpress.com
Daniel al-Jughaifi D.J. Maldonado convicted islamicnetwork.com
Sasjamal Sarfaraz Jamal unindicted islamicnetwork.com, muslimpad.com, clearguidance.com

(Hey, Samir! How about you book a flight overseas? After all, if Sasjamal can do it, why can't you...)

Posted on 12 November 2008 @ 16:12

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