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18 September 2005
The "Jihad Media Battalion"

The site:

The pointer URL: http://www.k-j-i.tk
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Current host: 100free.com

The MEMRI report:

Leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi Declares "Total War" on Shiites...

The excerpt:

Leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi Declares "Total War" on Shiites, States that the Sunni Women of Tel'afar Had Their "Wombs Filled with the Sperm of the Crusaders"

Following are excerpts from a speech by leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. The speech was published in audio form on the Internet and downloaded from the website of Al-Qaeda's Jihad Media Battalion (www.k-j-i.tk) on September 14, 2005


Days go by, and events follow one after the other. The battles are many, and the names used are varied. But the goal is one: a Crusader-Rafidite [Rafidites Shiites, used derogatorily by Sunni extremists] war against the Sunnis.

The interests of the Crusaders have converged with the desires of their brothers, the hate-filled Rafidites, and the outcome was these crimes and massacres against the Sunnis from Al-Falluja to al-Madain, Al-Diyala, Al-Samarra, and Al-Mosul, through Al-Ramadi, Hit, Haditha, Al-Rawa, Al-Qaim and other places, and recently but not last at Tel'afar. This battle, which came at this time in order to cover up the scandal of Allah's enemy, Bush, in his dealing with what was left behind by one of Allah's soldiers - the devastating Hurricane Katrina, which revealed to the entire world the great helplessness in dealing with the destruction caused by this hurricane, because of the tremendous attrition of the American army's resources in Iraq and Afghanistan. This hurricane has once again brought to mind the manifestations of racial discrimination among the American people, and has exposed the fragility of the foundations upon which it is structured. The acts of assault and killings have spread, as well as robbery and looting, and what is still to come will be even more terrible, Allah willing.

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Posted on 18 September 2005 @ 08:42

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