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22 April 2012

Select threads from 02 - 22 April, 2012

Old Age & Treachery

Looks like some angry old crows to me...

Why Dr. Phil Deserves to be Punched in the Nuts

American universities in the cross-hairs of foreign intelligence agents

FBI: Internet Social Networking Risks

Spanners & Works

Published Cases Involving Social Media Evidence (2010-2011)

Anti-Social Aspects of Social Media

A dimensional approach to analyzing lone offender terrorism

Exif Viewer

Punishment & Crime

Slick-Ass Waldo convicted

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps & Co.

Azerbaijan Says Al-Qaeda-Linked Militants Arrested

Dehli court to Kazmi: no bail

Global Jihad

Examining Gaidi Mtaani, Al-Qaida Swahili-language magazine Issue 1

The old "fake the decapitation of a witness" trick

Death of an al-Qaeda hacker

Irhaby 911, Sahbi Zalouti

Jihad Unspun Editor Couldn't Raise $1,200 to pay off Taliban

Red Team

Number of Russian spies in the UK back to Cold War levels

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